Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are gadgets that allow people with hearing or speech problems to communicate better. They come in handy in difficult listening situations like noisy restaurants, parties, theaters and lecture halls. ALDs can also enhance the clarity of speech when watching television and while communicating by phone.

The Hearing Clinic can help address listening challenges by determining the perfect ALD for every condition.

Why Do We Use  ALDs

Sometimes hearing deteriorates but may not be severe enough to require hearing aids. Other times, even people with hearing aids struggle understanding speech in difficult listening situations. In both instances, a hearing boost from ALDs helps to make communication and hearing better. 

How Do ALDs Work

ALDs are often used in conjunction with hearing aids. They are paired using bluetooth technology. Pairing is a simple process that allows the television, cell phone, remote microphone and other sources of sound to communicate directly and wirelessly to the hearing aids. Once paired, voices and sounds on the paired devices sound clearer.

Not all Assistive Listening Devices are used with hearing aids. There are ALDs that can work as stand alone devices.

See us to know which Assistive Listening Device works best for you!