Tinnitus is the sensation of hearing sound that is inaudible to others. It can be perceived as many different sounds: ringing, roaring, buzzing, hissing, to name a few. It is not a disease; it is a symptom typically related to a problem in the auditory system and is often associated with hearing loss.

Typical Causes of Tinnitus

• Induced by noise
•Diseases of the ear (Meniere’s disease, etc.)
•Age related hearing loss
•Excessive use of certain drugs

Common Difficulties Associated with Tinnitus

•Sleeping problems
•Annoyance, irritation, inability to relax
•Despair and frustration
•Problems focusing on speech concentration difficultiess

Exacerbating Factors of Tinnitus

•High cholesterol, hyperlipidemia, hyper and hypothyroidism
•Noise exposure

Tinnitus Treatment

Counseling is used to educate the tinnitus sufferer and assist in altering its   negative interpretation.
Amplification is used to stimulate the ears and brain to reduce contrast   between the surrounding sound and tinnitus
Sound therapy is used to induce relaxation by reducing the contract   between  the tinnitus   and surrounding sound.
Relaxation program is a strategy for utilizing behavioral exercises and sleep   management  in order to improve overall quality of life.

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