One of most prescribed and most effective treatment for hearing problems is Hearing Aids. Choosing the right one is vital and a complex part of hearing rehabilitation that without the proper guidance and compassion of a hearing expert it could be overwhelming.

We at The Hearing Clinic know that the “one size fits all philosophy” does not go well with choosing best Hearing Aid for our patients. We do customized hearing solutions and have partnered with several leading manufacturers to ensure that we have access to the best and latest hearing technology. And to ensure patient comfort during the entire process, we offer Concierge Service in a Medical Boutique set up.

At The Hearing Clinic, the best solutions, your comfort and convenience are our priority.

PLUS! Every purchase of Hearing Aids from us comes with a FREE set of batteries.

Choosing A Hearing Aid

The following are Basic Considerations when choosing a hearing aid.

Your Hearing
The degree and type of hearing loss are key factors in determining the type of hearing aid needed.

Your Lifestyle
Would you like to answer your phone without holding it close to your ears? Do you engage in activities that make you perspire a lot? Are you in a noisy environment often? These are some questions that need to be answered to find the perfect hearing solution for you.

Your Cosmetic Preference
Some people prefer hearing aids that are discreet and barely visible. For others, size and style do not matter.

Your Budget
We offer a wide range of hearing aids for every budget, from the most basic to the highly advanced. When finances are tight, you may avail of your hearing aids from us through the following:

  • a no interest payment option through Care Credit.
  • some insurance companies provide discounts or have partial coverage for hearing aids. It is best to check with your insurance first to find out if you have hearing aid benefits.
  • assistance from government programs or private foundations


Your Attitude

Keeping a positive attitude during the hearing aid process will help ensure your success in your journey to better hearing. Be patient! Be consistent! We got this!

We will help you find your
personalized hearing solution.

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