We at the Hearing Clinic conduct very comprehensive tests and thorough assessments of our patients’ hearing health. Combining expertise and state of the art technology, we evaluate with utmost precision and make every patient and their families understand our diagnosis. We ensure that results of the hearing tests and their implications to our patient’s life are thoroughly explained, that everyone concerned will gain a deeper understanding of the sense of hearing. We even show the insides of our patient’s ears on a big screen .

And, while all these comprehensive tests and screenings are on going, we ensure that our patients and their companions are comfortable. We are compassionate, caring and patient.

Who Should Take A Hearing Test

Contrary to popular belief that hearing tests are only for those with hearing loss, a hearing test is for everyone. We often have our eyes and teeth checked regularly. Our sense of hearing should be treated the same way. After all, hearing is a vital link to our world. Regular hearing tests can provide baseline information and whether it is starting to deteriorate. If hearing loss is detected, the test can determine the severity, type, and possible cause.

Why A Hearing Test Is Necessary

We should not neglect our hearing health. Studies indicated that poor hearing can cause a person to feel isolated, lonely, and depressed. In children, hearing loss can cause a delay in their speech and language development. In adults, recent studies have also shown that untreated hearing loss can increase the risk for cognitive decline such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. All these are excellent reasons to have your hearing tested by experts at The Hearing Clinic.

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