The Hearing Clinic hearing aid maintenance and repair services are not exclusive to our patients. We service hearing aids from most manufacturers, and provide loaners for patients’ use while their units are being repaired.

Hearing Aid Warranty

There is a certain peace of mind knowing that important investments are protected by warranties. Hearing aids purchased at The Hearing Clinic come with warranties for loss, damage and repair. The term of the warranty ranges from 2-3 years depending on the level of technology of the hearing aids.

Out Of Warranty Hearing Aids

Don’t worry when your old hearing aids get broken. We fix repairable out of warranty hearing aids for a fee.

Hearing Aid Service And Check Ups

Hearing aids are investments worth maintaining. Regular checkup and cleaning are keys in ensuring that they are working properly. The Hearing Clinic has specialized equipment designed to clean, disinfect, and remove debris such as wax and dry skin from hearing aids. If not removed, these debris can clog the tiny components of the hearing aid and cause malfunction.

See us for your Hearing Aid Maintennance and Repairs.