Noise-Induced Hearing Loss is one of the most common types of hearing impairment. When not addressed properly, it may cause permanent and irreversible damage. It is, however, also the most preventable. Using proper hearing protection can save your ears from the damaging effects of noise. It is important to remember that the right hearing protection must be worn properly to be effective. In other words, a hearing protection that does not fit or work properly will not protect your hearing.

The Hearing Clinic offers a wide range of hearing protection specifically made for different types of noises from different sources and activities. Our audiologist would gladly assist you in choosing and fitting the right one for you.

Hearing Loss Prevention

It is often required and highly recommended to use proper protection when you are exposed to sound level 85 dB and up to avoid hearing loss.

Types Of Hearing Protection

Earplugs and Ear Muffs For Hunters and Shooters

Musicians Earplugs

Earplugs for Concerts and Sporting Events

Earplugs for Swimming and Water Activities

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